Thursday, March 26, 2009

Too little too late? Thursday round up. Tee hee.

Nah...I know, I know. Its been a month? Or more. I figured I should throw a post up to have something in the "March" list. I think one looks more pathetic than not showing March at all, but pathetic is the new "sexy" Didnt you know?

Let's see. Thursday round up....remember when I did those weekly? The market is still rallying in comparison to the past, er....10 months. American Idol is still wooing me to the couch to sit down for some undivided attention to uber-eager talent. I love it, I have no shame. It makes me glow with an inner geek outer critic. The best two things I can think of (trite I know) that have come out of this week are:

1. The "Where the wild things are" trailer. Spike Jonze...whaaaa? It looks fantastic, and therefore is below;

and 2. The countess Marie Douglas-David. Now, that is comedy. Did she really list in her affidavit that she wanted $600 for fresh flowers? $1000 a week on facial treatments? HEYZEUS! I actually don't judge so much that she is oblivious to reality and some how (obviously) thinks her requests are sane, on some level. I am really just shocked that she had the ignorance to admit it....during a recession. Only goes to show how her entire circle of friends and peers must live the same way, or she would have some shame in needing $52,000 week to live. Wouldn't you?

Can I just ask what man finds that OK? Truly. I don't think I could love, or even tolerate a man who would stomach that kind of money hemorrhage. (ask me this again when I am lounging on a yacht with my second husband sipping $2000 lizard semen martinis for your youthful skin benefits, while telling my daughter(s) how I earned this lifestyle after "ruffing" in the past.) No really. They both disgust me. The upside to it all is that people like them are spending money, so that's swell. Eat drink and be, merry? No, sexy and manipulative enough to warrant 5ok a week in personal expenses? no, mercilessly vacant and inane and indulgent. Yep. That's it.

Fellas...sheeeeeeeeeeeeee's single soon. Pull out those wallets and have at it.