Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tips for you Rep. Christopher Lee lovers...wannabes:

Alrighty cheaters, listen up! I know my time would be better served watching CNN right now, as the fate of Egypt unfolds to the tune of Anderson Cooper's voice, but here I am instead...multi-tasking.

We all know that GOP Rep. Chris Lee loves ladies. We know that Republicans love his hair. We know that he is married, 46 years old and has a young son. More interestingly, he isn't so smart. (on many levels, but let's stick with horny stuff.) The "leggy" lady who received his photo, and within 6 hours of his sexy big fingers punching the "send" button, he was resigning. Think about that. You know when you get that tummy-drop and sweaty prickly feeling that the universe sends you to give you the heads up that you just did a DUMB DUMB thing? Yep. He does too. So some lessons to learn here:

1. DO NOT lie about your age. What is it with saying
39"? People like to avoid 40. 40 is grand and distinguished. The thing is, a girl finds out your lying about your age and she is immediately going to want to call you out. Send your bare hairless chest to Gawker...maybe not, but still. C'mon.

2. DO NOT show your flexing fist....'Nuff said. Dude? Really....and see point 1. No one is really in awe at those guns, or your sucked in tummy. Stop. Just stop.

3. DO NOT show your face. WHAT? (sigh) If you are married, have a child, and sending a sexy* picture out into the oblivion to a stranger. Take SOME precaution. Jeez, no one could figure out Favre's man-meat cause it was attached to nothing. TECHNICALLY, it was debatable. AND...too rotten for mass media to make viral.

4. DO NOT use a gmail account with your REAL NAME, that is also attached to your FACEBOOK account. This is getting painful. Honestly, my 5 year old already knows how to cover her tracks when she watches "Spongebob Squarepants"...she changes the channel twice (Disney, then PBS) so as not to be found out on the "LAST" button.

5. DO NOT jump ship so quick. I think if Spitzer would have been caught sending a topless picture and NOT humping a hooker, he would of laid it out straight like he does on CNN. Shit, Clinton would have laughed a little, patted the back of whomever was near him when he found out the pic leaked and said: "Aw, boys...looks like someone hacked my account and sent a picture I took for Hilary to the young, lost woman trying to make a buck." -That's genius.

The little leggy lady said it herself: "people cheat everyday, only the dumb ones get caught."
To take a look at Little Lee's pectorals and fists...take a gander and CLICK HERE.
Ponder this cautionary tale. Think harder, fluff and flex less and be smart.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Roundoup

On this third day of February, the world is an interesting place....

-In Cairo, the army has stepped in to manage the pro-and anti-Murbarak crowds. I have a sneaking suspicion what CNN is giving us is only the tip of the pyramid. Jordan's new reining Abdullah, and the turmoil bubbling in Yemen and the whole
Mideast. Image: Getty Images

Is anyone else thinking of that silly Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012? Hm....

- Wall Street executive paydays broke a record. Total Compensation hit 135 BILLION in 2010. Crazy to think the market crashed, and bailouts ensued only 2 years ago. Curious. Very curious.

- Charlie Sheen is a waste of space in news media/TV and his daughter's lives.

- New movies out tomorrow: "Sanctum" and "Roomate"....yawn.

In better news, the groundhog in Pennsylvania did NOT see his shadow. For the silly and superstitious, this means our Spring will come early. I'm happy to believe it after witnessing the cursed Snowtastic mess of Chicago yesterday. 21" of snow, followed by a deep freeze drop to -5 today. Wooo hoooo for winter.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book Review: Lotus Eaters

Okay. Here we go, what's it been? Eight months? More...who cares. I have spent my time doing many a thing, none-of-which I am particularly in the mood to share. However, In some twist of events, or rather my halting writer's block, I have been reading a book a week. The latest book to move me was The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli.

I had seen this book a few times and passed over it, skimming the back, having no interest in war. One day, as I was longing for more than my usual chick-lit pop, I opened the book with the interest in love triangles. (That is how People Magazine had described it in a blurb.) This book is more than three lovers. Although their passion and pulling and pushing does bring a reader to the brink. It is so much more. Set in the late sixties and seventies in Saigon and all over Vietnam during the war- the landscape is breath-taking.

The main character is a young, female photography with a secret mission to understand warand the loss of her brother and father. Through her eyes you encounter the very grey line between the enemy and the nationalist and the voyeurs looking to make some money on the carnage. She falls in love with a weathered (Rob Redford-type in my head) photojournalist, assimilates quickly and faces unspeakable truths of a country and it's people I knew nothing about. Throughout her disillusionment, I found that I was carried away in the mist and muck of the adrenaline rush of war and fear and love.

The story unfolds and lays out with tension and suspense and aching heart. I couldn't put it down. I am embarrassed to admit I didn't know much about the Vietnam war other than the award winning movies Hollywood made. This book is thoughtful in its depiction of the waste of war, the addiction of one's passion, the hole of loss and the beauty of love.

Hold onto your heart and brace your stomach. This book will not disappoint.