Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Roundoup

On this third day of February, the world is an interesting place....

-In Cairo, the army has stepped in to manage the pro-and anti-Murbarak crowds. I have a sneaking suspicion what CNN is giving us is only the tip of the pyramid. Jordan's new reining Abdullah, and the turmoil bubbling in Yemen and the whole
Mideast. Image: Getty Images

Is anyone else thinking of that silly Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012? Hm....

- Wall Street executive paydays broke a record. Total Compensation hit 135 BILLION in 2010. Crazy to think the market crashed, and bailouts ensued only 2 years ago. Curious. Very curious.

- Charlie Sheen is a waste of space in news media/TV and his daughter's lives.

- New movies out tomorrow: "Sanctum" and "Roomate"....yawn.

In better news, the groundhog in Pennsylvania did NOT see his shadow. For the silly and superstitious, this means our Spring will come early. I'm happy to believe it after witnessing the cursed Snowtastic mess of Chicago yesterday. 21" of snow, followed by a deep freeze drop to -5 today. Wooo hoooo for winter.

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