Monday, November 12, 2007

blog is the new something...

If I was thirteen....I would say:

"Blog off."
"Here's a web page, blog someone who cares."
Instead of "take a chill pill" try, "Go blog."
"Blog it, it last longer."
"Im totally blogging that you said that."
"Her blog said you boinked her!"
"Blog stalker.."

Wow...that right there? How the teenage heartache and heart ship has been tweaked by email, cell phones, IM, blogs....yikes. My misery and learning was limited to my spiral-bound journals and maybe, if I felt really inspired one of the token library computers at the "computer lab".

Oh the drama that must ensue due to this immediacy, this 24/7 availability. I am now grateful that in my day there was no fear of record. The best I did was get a friend to either make an "emergency break-through" on the phone or sit and listen If I called a "three-way". Those were the days....

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