Monday, November 12, 2007

Dont-Change list

So I was thinking....

I have a police officer friend who says entire empire's have risen and fallen by those words. I use them a lot.

People spend so much time making lists. A woman is publishing a book on "to-do lists". People have parties about it now, and celebrate old lists they have found, new lists they are building, funny lists that make them take a deeper look at themselves. What about a "Don't-change" list?
What if we took some time out every day, or once a week to literally put to paper the things we LIKE about our lives. I know it's a strange request, but maybe it will spin the internal voice to a sunnier disposition. Let me throw one out there:

1.) Dont change the way fire places smell like fall and family and warmth.
2.) Dont change that its uncool for men to pee sitting down.
3.) Dont change the meaning of the word: "ironic". It's confusing enough in this age of satire.
4.) Dont change my voice, I have spent 30 years getting used to manipulating it to sound sexy, or funny or serious.
5.) Dont change my cell phone memory. I have everyone programmed into my phone, but I still type-dial every time I call someone.
6.) Dont change the time or day of my favorite shows on TV. I look forward to things. It took a year to get used to Grey's moving to Thursday.
7.) Dont change how you can always tell what I've eaten by whats on my chest. Seriously, and I dont have a big chest at all.
8.)Dont change how husbands now chip in WAY more than 20 years ago.
9.) Dont change the packaging label on my favorite foods. My eyes can't scan every single cereal type because your focus-group showed that 62% of women prefer the color purple to red.
10.) Dont change that its inappropriate to smell your food before eating it. I love doing that. (and I love being inappropriate)

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