Friday, November 9, 2007

Something bold in bald

Is it me or has anyone noticed that there are no more bald men in the main-stream media of America? Is it not a little ridiculous?Yes, I have an affinity to older men. Yes, I like salt n pepper hair, I like laugh lines and crows feet, that show a man's history. Like sycamore tree rings show age, so does a man's face. It's telling, sexy even. Sure, its probable that I have daddy-issues, but its also equally probable that I think their is grace in growing old, and being more comfortable as time takes your superficial powers. A man is left with who he is, and his experiences. Thats double sexy.

I ask the question only because I am starting to realize that more men are doing whatever hair magic they do to avoid aging. I love my ideal of a "real man" not jumping into the age-fearing masses that are pulling up to the Propecia PEZ dispensers. I love that my ideal man looks Old man-Age,Mother-Time, and judgement in the eyes, throws his flippant hands to the air and says: "yeah? so? I am getting older, deal with it." Where is he?!

It feels like more men are hip-checking the mid-life divorcee's out of the line at the cosmetic counter to by the latest age-defying cream, then running home secretly applying it while looking at a picture of Jon bon Jovi and his recently (and curiously) new perfectly coiffed hair. What is happening!?

Perhaps its the fact that all the baby boomers are reaching the ripe old age of a consumer jackpot to market to these products, maybe I have never been paying attention to older men, maybe I'm the one out of the loop, but show me ONE movie star whose forehead moves when her eyebrows do, or ONE male anchor who isn't wearing makeup. Show me a Hollywood woman with silver hair. Fine...there are age-with-attitude pioneers out there somewhere by the mere handfuls. I want throws of people, I want media iconoclasts. I want to see fearlessness.

Speaking of fear, I guess I am just apprehencious of my imminent, but decade-off entrance into a society that would rather have you buy their pills because pharmacuteical companies buy their ad air time. A society where women actually react and respond to the commercials that show a 17 year old pretending to be a 30 year-old "confessing" her age. Where female consurmers watch "The Age of Love" a reality show where 40 yr old women are pitted against idiotic 20 somethings to win the love of a famous tennis player, and we are entertained. I am not certain these creams AREN'T making our women infertile and our men look like women. What on earth is it going to be when I get there? I will take a crack at it:

9 year old girls will be getting porcelain veneers instead of braces, and taking exercise pills to fight childhood obesity, women my age will be doing the knew nano--micro-elastin-tuck-technique that zaps your aging cells every time you use a the microwave to make your 3-course premade-pre-frozen dinner for the family who are either talking to their friends on their hologram phones that will turn into cancer machines, while the husband is rubbing the magic cream that takes pubic hair and cultivates it into thick bushy Mc-Dreamy ( or Steamy- whom I prefer- because he is grey, of course) field of wild and messy youth on his head.

Let's have a beauty revolution, better yet, lets just be OK with being older. Well, why don't you get better at it, so I can be more comfortable inching towards that direction.......Deal.

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