Monday, December 31, 2007

NYE Inflated heart

What is it about NYE that makes your heart fill up with the warmth and closure of a year past? Why do we find ourselves scrolling through the cell phone and email address book, wanting to wish someone, everyone, a good evening and a wonderful new year? Why do we feel so nostalgic and hopeful?

Maybe its because we have been trained for years, to drop the inhibitions and let our love shine free. Maybe its because there is an overwhelming buildup and anticipatory clock countdown. Maybe we all want a "When Harry Met Sally" moment.

Maybe its because time passing, and year changes reminds us of the finality of the past moving behind us. Maybe there is some subconscious fear that the world could end tomorrow, so we feel the tap of mortality and spew our feelings without filter.

In any event, I am inflated with love and well wishing for all my touchstones, past and present. My heart, today, feels like an expanding cartoon crate about to bust at the seams and shine love and light in two thousand and seven different directions.

For reasons I cannot explain, I am sending love, pheromones, peace and happy grams to all the people that reside in my heart. Because it is an ending, and a beginning, because I am sappy and fall prey ( just like you) to all the hype no matter how hard I try to rationalize its absurdity. At the end of the day....I guess it doesn't hurt, in fact, it feels pretty damn good.

In the words of James Taylor: "Shower the people you love with love"

Good love is contagious, hope you catch it today too.

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Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration...I will go now and "pay it foward"...thank you for putting things in perspective for me, since i'm so jaded...haha