Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You know you graduated in the 90's if...

Not that I care, but everything I am about to throw to this screen is going to age me. If you don't get it....then maybe you are facing mid life with your mommy-jeans and happily going about your biz in the mini-van or climbing the glass staircase at work on your way to true AARP financial stardom.

You are my age (roughly) if:

When you were in elementary school you:
- Totally loved going to the computer lab to play Oregon Trail
- Did the KiD N Play to Rob Base and DJEasy Rock's "Joy and Pain"
- Wore a pop swatch watch
-Wore Multiples and espirit
- Went to slow-dance parties, where "Every rose has its thorn" played on heavy rotation.
- Wore "jellies" (crocs: been there, done that..TYVM)
- Were a "Rad Racer" and "Zelda" warrior.
-Wanted to be a character in Pretty Woman.
-Saw the Challenger go down in a library, rec hall, or lunch room on January 28th.
- Heard Tears for Fears dominating radio play and older sisters/brothers rooms.
-Wore UMBRO shorts.

When you were in Junior High you:
- Got annoyed when your parents had "the lite" station playing Phil Collins in the car.
- Knew every episode of "The Cosby's"
- Engaged in hard core hand holding with someone wearing Z Cavaricci's or skids
-Wore Obsession, Electric Youth, Eternity or Drakkar ( 4 spray min.)
- Were"Pegging your pants" and wearing "Scrunchies"and banana clips.
- Hung out at the roller rink and loved to speed skate to Europe's "The final Countdown".
-Watched MTV every possible minute you could, and it was ALL music.
-Owned a sticker, t-shirt or magnet that said: "Just Say No."
-Thought Mariah Carey was amazing.

When you were in High School you:
- Wanted to move to Seattle when you "grew up".
-Wore long flannel shirts, usually strench pants with stirrups
-Almost cried to just about every Tracy Chapman song
-Tucked shirts with shoulder pads into your skirt/pants and Bloused heavily
-Finally understood what a SCUD was, and what HIV really meant.
- Loved Pearl Jam , Alanis Morrisette, Salt N Pepper, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins.
- Didn't think it was strange that people had tags on their hats.
-SNL is where you got your news, current events and laughs.
-Jerry McGuire shaped how you expected "love" would go.
-Wanted Airmax 95's, game boys, and anything Tommy Hilfiger for Christmas
-Watched "Dances with Wolves" and "Forrest Gump"
-Had a crush on a guy who had a flat top ( or you had a flat top)
- Loved Dresses or skirts with buttons all the way down the front.

It goes fast. One day we will remember these days of ipods and blackberries, digital HD and DVD, blogs and reality TV, Uggs and "sex in the city", "going green" and working in offices , instead of telecommuting with shaking heads and fond memories.

Be here now. Laugh at yourself now. Let's get a head start. I will save us the suspense. We are going to be uncool to somebody, all the time, forever.

Kriss Kross 'll make ya!......


Anonymous said...

Umm . . . . how about Garbage Pail Kids, Hypercolor t-shirts, TLC teaching us not to chase waterfalls, Right Said Fred, Milli Vanilli, Amy Grant, the Fresh Prince, cruisin in a 5.0, the GMC Typhoon, the Electric Slide, and Transformers.

Suck My Kiss,
Jake Ryan

Marcus said...

...wore parachute pants on your first day of school, wore mini buttons of NKOTB on your jacket, rocked the "mall 'do": straight hair in the back and one big flipped-up bang in the front (right in the middle, wore a bubble coat in high school, and said "NOT!" in Junior High.