Friday, January 25, 2008

Going to the movies alone.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a bit of an addiction to seeing movies BY MYSELF. It was all born out of pure circumstance. You have a baby, you have no relatives in the same state (and only one in this country) so you learn to adapt. You take turns doing things.

That's not to say I never did it before. I remember my first movie alone was "Serendipity" at Webster theatre in Chicago on a Friday night with tons of couples. I was defiant. I loved it. It feels so rebellious. It's like breaking rules, and stealing quiet time in a public place. My heart skips a beat when I open up a movie listing page and see that the timing works perfectly. The smell of popcorn and oil and nasty hot dogs, and new(or old) carpet sends a warm calm through my spine.

There are so many choices involved, I guess I feel a tiny sense of power, a sense of NOT worrying about anyone else. It is pure selfishness that has no negative effects. I pick the movie, when I want to go, eat what I want, sit where I want, and have no distractions. If someone is annoying me, I stand up and move, or better leave and go see something else. Ahhhhh....its a simple pleasure of playing hooky.

Things you need to know before going to the movies alone:

1.) Always use the electronic kiosk. Avoid lines, and the embarrassing request of : "One for Jane Austen Book Club, please."

2.) NEVER, I repeat NEVER, get your refreshments before going to the bathroom. There is not a purse shelf, or any place to put food other than the floor. Nasty. I didn't realize this until AFTER I had purchased a salted pretzel with some aseptic cheese (YUMMY!). Won't happen again. There went $5.50 in the toilet....Literally.

3.) Timing matters. Choose the show in the middle of the day, odd times yield less people. 3:00, 2:20, 1:55. Most people are working.
3a.) Be prepared for strange samplings. Just don't look around.

4.) Make Good Decisions. Be thoughtful of people you might see movies with later, and pick movies they would never want to see. Especially if your movie-going is a secret. No one ever asks to see "I'm not there, 300, The Savages, The Bucket List, The Orphanage...etc with me. You might get forced into seeing movies multiple times if you go too mainstream. ( If you are attached in any way)

5.) Sit wisely. Obviously try and stay away from the chatty ladies who have been talking since their tickets were split. Stay away from the strange man in a trench coat, or the woman in the ski-hat who is rocking from side to side. I prefer to go to the very top back( where you can put your feet up on the railing) or the center of an empty aisle. Also...if the theatre isn't empty and you didn't see any handicapped on your way in, score that seat. NO ONE can sit next to you...heaven.

Get a little. You might just start a new vice. It feels so good it can't be bad...

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Ben said...

awesome...and I thought i was the only one to watch solo, haha...

I tend to enjoy watching it by myself...and its kind of liberating, can't explain why...but some folks find it odd...hmmm

love the blog...