Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sexy Moment-specific Songs:

Five random songs I think every one should get tangled in salty sweaty sweetness to:

1. For the rainy day-playful afternoon delight variety :
"Raincheck" - Van Morrison. - The guitar intro alone can slink your clothes off. Not all the lyrics work, but all of it together works. "I don't fade away... Unless I want to". Plus, its almost 6 minutes long...tee hee.

2. For the steamy end of an evening, passionate possible mistake:
"Say it Right- Nelly Furtado" - The drum beat alone makes for good beguiling hip-sways.

3. For hesitant, but body-buzzing magnetic chemistry finally being explored in a slow lean towards impulsive seduction:
"Crush" - Dave Mathews - It needs no real description. Just listen to it.

4. For the slow-take your time and savor the blissful moments:
"Grace" - Kate Havenik - This song is sensually haunting and emotionally raw.

5. For the supportive sweet and innocent (as it can be) make-up sex:
"By your side" - Sade - yeah, whatever. Its sweet and tender.

...What song makes your tummy-tingle?

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