Friday, January 4, 2008

Signs that you might rationalize things:

1.) You eat 7 chocolate chip break-n-bake cookies because there are not enough of them to warrant turning the oven on next time if you only make 4 or 5. Its a strange number, better to not waste the oven gas on 3 cookies and just eat the seven now.

2.) You leave a little early on Friday, but only because you wrapped up your lunch break about 20 minutes early two days in a row, and worked over the holiday, and this morning you were asked to draft an email up for Susie-what's -her-name who is working from home.

3.) You think: "He might still come back since he did leave a pair of shoes at my house" even after he has done the following:
- Tell you "I DON'T LOVE YOU!"
- Blocked you from IM, Myspace, facebook, gmail and texting.

4.) You decide to NOT go to the gym this morning, despite having renewed your membership on Wednesday. At this point, you would only have 45mins to work out, then you'd have to pack extra clothes, and change there, and well, thinking about all of this has now cut it down to 30 minutes so you might as well stay in bed.

5.) You can have another glass of wine because the server already looked at you and made eye-contact and, well, it would be rude to let her come to the table and then say: "oh, nothing."

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