Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When HOT poems get real.

If you know me, you know I am fantastical and day-dreamy. I love all things seductive and playful and I have always been a fan (and writer) of poetry. It is important, however to "keep it real". Here is my little love-punch at it all. Take it with a huge grinning smirk.

* I will never graze lips with a man whose yearning for me travels by way of electricity through to me in the negative space between our mouths...because he always smells like coffee or Chipotle.

* My heart will never flutter to the tip of my neck with the helium of reciprocated love-lust excitement in a mere suggestion.....instead you will just point to the bedroom and then your watch, and then back to the bedroom, lifting your eyebrows since the baby is sleeping.

* His eyes will never glow in the light of wondrous discovery, when cotton and skin separate into perfect revelations, instead they glow in the blue light of hotel porn on a business trip.

* These hands and fingers, they pulsate for the closeness of you...they extend in anticipation for the gift you give...wanting, undeniably to feel the pleasure with every change up and down, ...must i say the words: give me the remote, you scan channels horribly slow

Love and get lost in it....then get real.

PS: I love Billie Piper. (and YES, that is Angelina Jolie in the pic..Woa)

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dadshouse said...

I love how your poetry stops and changes direction on a dime. From grazing lips to electricity to Chipotle. Nice.