Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anderson Cooper can't stand "Living Lohan"

Last night, my hormones went into overdrive for my favorite white-haired, sardonic, love-munch news caster...ANDERSON COOPER. My side note: His ears, his perfect little pink lips and the confidence he has in himself is almost unbearable.

My only knock against him is that he asked Monday night on AC360: "Who writes in a coffee shop?". Anderson, women who have children, and cannot write at home, and shouldn't write on the job at the office, take their computers to dribble out their best efforts of what could be the next novel, blog post, or love letter TO YOU!!!! Be nice. Meanie. I love meanies like him.

Okay, Erica Hill and Anderson were discussing Coops' disgust with Dina Lohan. They were in full flirty, sarcasm mode and it was perfect. "Erica, Dina Lohan on the phone for you..." Anderson quipped jokingly as she took accountability for calling Dina "Seedy". I know there are big news stories: Chinese Olympics, the Stock Market 300+ point rally, Obama and McCain polls showing a tight race, and this friggen' hooker-pole dancing mother who gave her child to wilder beasts or something, but Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill please me when they get stupid, silly and laugh at the obnoxious nature of our US celebrities. The clip below shows his guest appearence on "Regis and Kelly" where the Dina-bashing began.

I've gotta say, I didnt know he was as dark-humored and bitter as he is. I kind of like it! I know he has exercised his mommy-demons of an overly colorful and open past (that she had) but who knew such a hottie, smart news-man could be so ironical and full of dead-pan delivery. Erica Hill was pretty funny quoting Dina Lohan's comment to OK Magazine saying: "This is bad Karma for him". Erica raised those sexy eyebrows and mocked " know.....Karma." Good stuff.

Crush on Anderson Cooper reinstated. Move over Erica Hill. I want to suck on his tiny top lip, or grab him by his ears and make him crack jokes about 14 year-olds that look 60 and talk in his raspy female smoker-mom impersonation...

Good things, Good karma, good laughs Anderson. Well played. Happy day.


Marcus said...

But he has little hands! Dear hate that.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know he was as dark-humored and bitter as he is. I kind of like it!

Anderson doesn't get to display this side of his personality much since his program went to the more serious 10pm slot, but it's one of the main things that made me love him along with all his other great qualities.

dadshouse said...

Who writes in coffee shops? You got it - people working on blogs, novels, etc. I don't do computer stuff in a coffee house, but I definitely do editing, brainstorming, etc.

I have super big hands, btw..

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper is a 2nd rate journalist, the real news is done on CNNi.

Anonymous said...

You sure Anderson and Erica aren't dating? Is this the only reason she was moved to New York - she doesn't seem to do much at all on the program.