Monday, August 11, 2008

What the.....weeekend?!

I know we all might have been suspicious to the signs, but it is official....I am a female-pervert. Truly. I don't say things just to be funny, I think them...alone. A good example would be while I was watching the Olympic 100M backstroke, and Matt Grevers was spotlighted underwater coming off the wall. Is his form great? Yes. It it really neato to watch a 6 foot 8 inch man gracefully manipulate his body through water with such speed? Sure. But I couldn't get two things out of my gutter-mind. 1. Those treasure path muscles that ALL the swimmers have running down the sides of their hips, and 2. WOW if he can move like that under water, undulating with his core and little bum...what kind of lover must he be....em em em...I am a pervert...Admittedly. Chances are it has NO baring, but I thought it. There you go.

I cried at the Opening Ceremonies. Little girl at the piano. "Harmony", being the theme, is one of my favorite words (except when used as a name for a stripper). The green-suited people changing colors with lights, the LED, Tai-Chi around children. Even more sappy of me, I cried at the small African or obscure countries that marched with such pride. The multitude of emotions and awe-inspiring experience they were taking in was on their grateful, eager faces. (aaawwwe).

Sadly, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes passed away, strangely they were both just finishing wrapping a film TOGETHER called "Soulmen". Eek. That is strange. There are NO coincidences in life. Im becoming more convinced. John, John, Johnny Edwards? What were you thinking?! I am losing would appear that even the best of men (and women) fall prey to ego, or needing to be needed leading to one poor decision to the next. (slow head shake) I am not shocked. I am not mad. Its HIS life, but another one bites the dust. Man, or is messy.

And can we just talk about Matt McConaughey's aboriginal plans to bury his son's placenta sac under a tree? Really? Angelina's babies are adorable, and her family seemed so "real". Maddox not scene in one of the pics, yellow stains on Shiloh's shirt, Angie in a them. Always have, always will. Oil is still dropping, and the Dow surged over 300 points Friday. Georgia and Russia are spent the weekend in conflict. Losing airlines are going to start advertising to you in your seat...sweet. Is that before or after they charge me $2.00 for coffee, and another for my 3-yr old to use a blanket?

So there it is. I am a dirty-minded crybaby. Good men cheat. Funny and lascivious legends die. There is an inverse relation to Matt McConaughey's acting abilities and his crazy-o-meter, and it looks like flying will be as comfortable and relaxing as paying to pee in a french city toilet.

Happy Monday. Its gonna be a great one. I feel it. (well, that and the need to find myself a backstroke swimming lover...)

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T said...

Girl!!! I am right there with ya!

Dad's House told me to check you out. So far, I like what I'm reading.

And I'm diggin' the Olympic yummers, I mean, swimmers too!