Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SNL GAP ad makes me laugh-snort at the gym.

Today was a typical winter's day in Chicago land. 26 degrees and sunny. I decided to wrap the tot up in her warmest gear and spend two hours at the gym. So be it. On the elliptical machine I got head deep into the December issue of "VOGUE". Not only was Jenny A (my look alike) on the cover (( that's a joke, I love her, but love Angie more)), but I stopped dead in my tracks to recover from a laughing out loud snort reaction to the latest crop of ingenious GAP ads.

Take a look a the hilarity in what seems like a silly ab lib/American express-like fill in the blanks spot. Not to mention the rough-neck faces...

They are all funny, but the one that knocked me out was: "Visit your own ___Stalker___". I couldn't contain myself. I even had an impromptu brainstorming of unpredictable things to say in such situations and I couldn't. It made me miss the RADAR Magazine boys of the 100 list.

I know you could come up with a million reasons NOT to support GAP. Like sweatshops and reviving, revolving fashion-less Lycra-knit fabrics made for the masses, or teen consumption, but from as strictly marketing and advertising point of view, this was priceless. Funny, full-colored and memorable. Brand and character endorsement clearly front and center, with a side dish of poppycock to say: "we don't take ourselves too seriously."

Love it. Go Gap. They go Red, they are trying. C'mon...there are worse things happening out there. Have you seen the latest cosmetic serum made from infant foreskin? Right....pick your battles.

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dadshouse said...

I love ad campaigns with a sense of humor. And I like Angie better than Jen, too. Sexy brunettes make me melt every time...