Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hear me later, hold me now?

Time tricks me, sticks me in a place. An emotional maze. I hear it all.
Fuzzy, soft tentacles rest on each phrase you lay, I hear and I say.
What is left of this type of love and such. Who knew? Me?You? Crush.
I don't know what I knew before. Does it matter anymore?

Zippy words and long pauses. Hold for the bait. Wait.
If longing begets faith, I have a world of measure. Not all pleasure.
Fly, taste me in the sand, the whole hearted truth from which we land.
I'll be the one who breaks my heart. Its my trait. My great, late, fate.

You felt me more last time. Your guard was faded, I was less jaded.
I dont know what I gave before. I think it was more, not sure.
"Feel it in your toes". My over-dramatic prose. What's real? What to feel?
I'll be the one who builds my heart. Wonder if you knew from the start.....

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