Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yoga bends my past away.

There is a direct and functional correlation of relativity between my mood and my yoga practice. I know people at my suburban gym stare at me when I hang upside down for minutes at a time, standing on my head. I don't care, being upside down helps get my head and heart right side up.

It feels like I am literally emptying all the junk that accumulates in the places like your lower back ( child stress) your neck (work stress) your feet and stomach ( personal stress). It's a long road to absolute clarity and mind quiet, so I give it a go every chance I get.

I'm not sure when Yoga became the answer, I am obsessive about most things. Yoga just ended up being a healthier habit of my obsessive habits, so it stuck. The only person who ever challenged my intensity towards it, was the same man that taught me how to teach it:

"Lulu, you have too much vata. Balance that out."

Mini Ayruvedic lesson ( for the sake of the point):
The Three Doshas: When these elemental forces appear within the human physiology they are called doshas. The three doshas are vata, the principle that governs all movement, pitta, which governs all the processes of transformation and kapha which is responsible for cohesion, growth and lubrication.

Right. Okay. So literally, I pushed really hard to learn to balance and I worked really hard at not wanting to be good at it. So, here we are and I am still competing with myself in yoga, but less then before. I am working on balancing Dosha's. I am working on using what needs to be focused. Specifically, by bending forward and standing on my head. Both these acts bring calm, and release the past.

I love that. Bending forward releases your past....hm. I'm not sure if that is one of those little wisdom nuggets that manifest in a long sweaty yoga class misinterpretation or if it is truth. I go with it though. I like bending over.

If there is an absence of a focused intention, does that cosmically change the force of it all? What if I bend backwards, can I change my future? Does that absence of intent negate the possible healing effects? If not....Think of all the past(s) I have released over the years?


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