Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"No one" - Alicia Keys

"No one, NO ONE, NO ONEEEEEEEEE....can get in the way of what I'm feeling"

I love this song! Seriously. I don't own an Alicia Keys album. I heard it on some random dj spin debuting the song a few weeks back to test the water. The water is BOILING hot with happiness. This is one of those singles that manages to change your mood, lift your spirits and make you want to take two fists into your chest, bend at the knees and squeeze your face in appreciation. The major things that happen when I listen to this song:

-I engage in a slow-head-neck-lock-bop with soulfully, steady, heartfelt enthusiasm. ( There is an after-bounce its so full of love, this movement.)
-I tap my toe to the the clap-sounding beat
-I fight the incredible urge to throw my hands in the air in Mary J Blige 1995 style finger pointed up and re-pointing with every syllable.
-I smile with my liver ( ref: "Eat.Pray.Love" to understand the reference)
-I want to hug people, random people like the weird supermarket mom who always yells at her children, or the generally inconspicuously-gay tween that walks by my house from school at 3:36pm everyday.
-I want to skip down the street singing "oh, oh, oh-oh ohhhhhhhhhh"
-I want to share it. ( see link) http://www.myspace.com/aliciakeys

Love it. Stomp to it. Sing it.

"It will only get better.....Everything's gonna be alllllllright...."

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