Tuesday, November 13, 2007

grassy sand

In the summer's evening wind, she lays silently next to him. The sound of the boat ties and wood slapping the foamy surf. The sound is both predictable and soothing in it's repetition.

Warm Nantucket air permeates around the two of them, swishing sea salt lightly over their skin. Goose bumps raise the hair on her arms one by one, inch by inch standing at attention to her minds image of what will happen next, of what is about to be released and tangled in the darkening sparkle from the moon over water.

Laying with her back to him, his hands wrapped around her holding her hands, she feels safe. In this moment, the pains of everything, or all their fears melt with each tide pull. Lunar suction working with their combined energy, erasing the wrongs, smoothing out the ridges. Eroding the past and present.

The two of them seeming as one silhouette on the blanket in the sand. She hears the sound of her heart beat melodically in her ears, the tingle in the space a the top of her tummy. She has to remind her self to inhale, and the exhale slowly deflates her into his chest. His chest lowers with her in almost simultaneous motion.

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