Monday, November 12, 2007

Music made me do it.

In the early inception stages of making mates, even merely contemplating spending more time with a man....two major things go through my unorganized contraption of a mind. These two things can part the seas of emotion and rationale. These two things can categorically establish a clear signal as to my interest or lack there of ( aside from the obvious physical attraction). These are not the two ONLY factors, just the two FIRST factors.

1.) What kind of lover he might be? 2.) What kind of music does he like?

Only one can (usually) be deciphered in a matter of we'll stick with the definitive of the two. You can tell a lot about a person by their music taste. I personally get a feel for who they are, by understanding what they like to listen to. Taste, meaning the norm,not the album list they throw out when asked the question. These are two VERY different things. I wish the ipod existed when I was in the "thick of it" all. I could have simply met men at bars, and in barter for a phone number requested what albums were on circular shuffle rotation.

Even better, I bet you could "swipod". Switch em'. Sit with his tastes, and styles for a few days, learning about him, guessing what each song meant. Men clearly have sex songs. ( my husband did all his girlfriends to Maxwell or Enigma) I prefer Van Morrison or something with a bluesy outdoor concert type of sound, or the sweet brush on drum symbol(tiss-siisss-a tiss)but I'm letting go of the point here..

It's the most intricate and beautiful of secrets...a man's music taste. They all have a standard list of what they THINK they love: "Modest Mouse, DMB, The Killers, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Jay Z, Death Cab..." but if you stole their ipod you would find, perhaps: Billy Joel, Devo, the soundtrack to "Once- the motion picture", maybe even the Beegees, and Beach Boys. You get my point.

So it's impossible to get a real taste. I think what makes a man sexy is his lack of conformity and appreciation for different styles. But that's not fair, of course there is some conformity, there is something truly annoying about the guy that tries too hard to be obscure. There is a balance. I'm not sure what it is. I know this. You are not getting this chick out of her Vickie's without at least SOME of the following:

Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, some strange jazz that freaks me out a little ( not Miles Davis), country like Randy Travis, Waylan Jennings, Meryl Haggard, The eagles, Jim Croce, Nina Simone or Billie Holiday, The Shins, The Rolling Stones, Fletwood MacThe Ramones, Morrissey, The Cure, Common, Jay Z, Justin Timerblake ( I could take or leave), Erasure, INXS, DMB, almost anything with harmony, Eurythymics, A few Hard-rock picks, John Mayer ( who cant appreciate the lyrics?) something forlorn and sad, maybe some lone-irish folk artist he could teach me about, The cranberries, or some slow classical, or purely orchestral, The Bodeans, The samples, Led Zeplin, Don Mclean, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart and a few really random song-writers...maybe like the neo-african percussionist that used to smack beats for Sting named Mino that....It's ridiculous, I know... What I am not including is all the 90's music that ages me and makes me really dig someone. If he knows the lines to a Coolio song, or maybe even a little "Joy and Pain". It is completely subjective which is why this is my idea of the perfect mix. Oh! and black smith lady mumbasa.

I like a man to be full of predictible good choices, with some random smile-inducing surprises that remind me of my youth and make me want to get silly and serious with equal ferver.

Things that would be deal breakers for me:
-house, happy house, trance, showtunes, remixes of anything on B.96, Barbara Striestand, Gloria Estifan, Celine Dion, Pink Flyod, The Doors(Sorry, I know, I respect them as musicians, I hate the sound), Kenny G, 2live crew( the album cover still hurts my eyes),

I will keep working on this.....forever.

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