Friday, November 16, 2007

The missing (piece) blog.

What merits the label of a "good" blog? Dare I ask the question. Puzzled with where mine might fit in, I ventured to find out and came up empty. So I go with my standby decision-maker. I ask the very pertinent question that every 30-something woman should ask: "What would Carrie Bradshaw do? (This game-time decision rule has gotten me into plenty of hot-messes, and equally out of them.) She would fluff her hair, light a cigarette, stare at her imac, and blog whatever she wants...simply...because she can.

After hours (ok, minutes) of research I found that a blog can do one of two things:
1.) Offer up nifty, well-crafted and usually perky tips on a number of subjects (beauty, health, being green..etc).

2.) Serve as a virtual soap-box from which one can pummel the vast abyss of information with his/her specific and invaluable "2 cents".

I have no major expertise, I offer no great and absolutely necessary guides to the world or motherhood or marriage. I did, however mull over the idea of pummelling a few subjects: "City girls guide to the suburbs" or "imommie"- a guide to all things mommy-related and how-to's on surviving the beautiful burden of having made the choice to be both a strong smart woman, and a mommie. So, I did. No one cared. Not even me.

This time, caring more, and with less specificity, I write to practice, to hone in on something that might catch me in the right creative mood, spur the interest to "go long" and finish one of the 3 novels I have started at different poignant moments in my life.

Thus, I sit here today, having searched various and fascinating blogs, having read the latest magazines about how to take time for me, or Chicago's greatest spas, and I can't help but feel like it's all been done before, said before, written before.

Except....I have to believe that what makes us so unique as humans is our quest to be so. My little lost missing piece of a blog, for example: Its weird. Its annoying. It takes turns from poems, to descriptive narrative, to random musical imagery. Who cares? I do! That's all that matters.

So, I say to the no one reading this misplaced, non-purposeful blog...Go be whatever you need to be right now. Go and fit into any category or none and feel proud that your voice is a different voice. Your tips (the way you offer them) are indeed resourceful and new to someone. Your innate ability to express the hardships and reward of marriage, motherhood, fatherhood, friendship, loss, love, world-war II memorabilia, deconstructing manga, the exciting world of crossword puzzles, is another opportunity for someone to relate. Your words might be some one's epiphany today.

The only thing I am missing is the fortitude to let go and start the journey of being rejected an exceptional amount of times in order to be taken seriously. So, in the meantime, I blip on my way in this medium. In this way. Not comparing, but embracing the reality that all of us (blogs) can exist with pure intention and a little bit of idealism.

Blog on, Bloggers!

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