Monday, November 19, 2007

What's YOUR theme song?

So...per usual, I was thinking, and I turned to my husband during the AMA awards and asked: "What's YOUR theme song?" He didn't quite understand, as normal, logical systemic people think. I had to further explain: "If your entire existence had to be summed up in a song, not one that reminds you of something, but one that describes you." He triple nodded and begun compartmentalizing times of his life, chronological events that have lead him to where he is now. His mind was racing and chugging through the thoughts like an industry-sized machine with metal-arms and magnets and 4-claw memory hands that sorted through song lyrics and titles.

"Mine, at the risk of being totally chick-freak cliche and too much like Sophia Coppola's incredible brain-child Lost in Translation where Scarlett Johnnason spins sexy in a whole new way, "Brass in Pocket" - The Pretenders." ( I claimed this song, as life-theme song years before the movie, but I wont get technical)

He agreed, sat on this thoughts for a few more minutes and then without hesitation of any type. Note even a smidge of inflection in his voice that would lead me to believe this proclamation was anything less than 100% diligently selected:

"Mine is "Highway to the Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins". I laughed hysterically and then kissed him on his forehead.

"Absolutely, sweetheart. Abso-fecking-lutely."

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I TOTALLY know what you mean! I think you speak the words from my tortured black, emo soul. I can feel your heart spilling onto the page sometimes. Music is SO the soundtrack to my life. It's like, I'm living this wacky 80's B Movie, only instead of Anthony Michael Hall, it's like, Michael Anthony from Van Halen.

That being said, my theme sng is "Was It Something I Didn't Say" by 98 Degrees! LOVE IT! LOL!