Monday, December 24, 2007

10 Lovey love-love things to do at Christmas time:

1.) Hug people who don't like to be hugged. Hug hard. Inevitably, they will melt at the warm and aggressively kind gesture, even if only for a nanosecond.

2.) Laugh obnoxiously at some one's bad joke. It makes them feel better. Just do it.

3.) Hold hands.

4.) Email, text or call someone you haven't spoken to in ages and let them know you are thinking of them.

5.) Give a homeless person a meal, five bucks, or hell, a beer in a bag. It's a tough time of year. You drink, why can't they?

6.) Forgive yourself for the extra pounds on the scale.

7.) Be nice to your mother. She may be nutty, but she is your nutty, and she puts up with your unforgiving resentment every day too.

8.) Go have sex willy-nilly cause you can, and your lonely. Wait! No, don't do that. But wouldn't it be fun if tomorrow never came? In the name of love...ok, no. Don't.

9.) Say "I love you" more freely, to everyone, even if to your one-eyed cat. The words feel warmer and fuller at Christmas time. Say it and MEAN it. Emotions carry in words. And words can carry.

10.) Love yourself for all you have accomplished and survived this year. Love that in a weeks time, a new one will begin and anything can happen. Be kind to you for the sake of holiday love.

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