Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10 Things I can't believe people don't know:

1.) Girls don't actually like ear licks.

2.) Snorting IS a voluntary act. Don't apologize like it was an accident.

3.) How to make babies ( seriously...what you learned in high school is NOT true)

4.) World Geography...No, Danish people don't speak Dutch. That's Holland..... Jesus.

5.) How to have an orgasm on YOUR OWN.

6.)Alphabetical order. Quick is "Q" before OR after "R"?

7.) Nursing milk comes from like 40 different nipple-holes (shower-head style), not from one central location.

8.) The world doesn't hand out "PARTICIPATION" ribbons. On some level, you win or lose. Period.

9.)A triple pat DOES NOT make a hug less intimate. -It shows your attempt to do so.

10.) If the sign says: "Sorry, This machine is temporarily out of service." Testing it yourself, wont make it work THIS time.

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