Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There is a strange energy that moves around all major beings. I found that energy cuts air. There is something clearly interlaced about it all. It is not something that can be proven like mathematics or molecular make up of a fetal pig in formaldehyde. I am far more interested in the ability to elevate/change energy than it's makeup.

There are a few arts to understanding this pseudo-science:

1) A person must be open to the idea that others are reading between the lines and perceptive to subtlety. Without this ability a person is incapable of participating in such emotional exchanges. Their encounters will be reduced to the uber-obvious and realizations of situation at the exact moment its occurring.

2.)A person must have an imagination. You cannot anticipate the idea of something or the direction a certain, directionless moment might go if you cannot imagine it.

3.) The ability is to follow through, however small the chance. It is important that the expressions of energy are actually rooted in the action behind the intention. That is the tricky part. This final stake in the concept is the gray line between sweet and sordid, between innocent and destructive. Think: A hot-guy waiting for you outside your apartment with a radio playing: "In your eyes" is sweet if you like him. If you dont....he is a stalker.

One must have the first ability in order to manage the expectations and direction using the second. Thus, the odds of finding two people able to elevate energy into something bigger,(without words and explanations) are very slim.

When this electrifying defiance of communicational laws ensues, there is something about the power of anticipation and that very moment it moves from an idea within your head, to the actions you are engaged in. Think: Wanting to walk up to Vanilla Ice at the concert and then actually finding yourself sureally talking to him.

Next time you walk away from an encounter feeling affected (good or bad). Having not really said or done anything...

That is energy. Pay attention.

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