Wednesday, December 5, 2007

10 Things people do in new love:

1. Contort/hold your body for something as small as knee on knee contact when sitting next to each other.

2. Listen to his/her really boring stories about work ( and seem interested)

3. Learn about a new sport ( woman: mixed-martial art fights / man: girl on girl judgement)

4. Drive around the block for an hour to find a parking spot just to watch TV and order in..together.

5. Over-answer simple questions like "What would you like to do?" Response: "um, I'm easy, well, not easy like that, but I will do whatever you want to do. I mean, within reason. tee hee."

6. Talk on the phone for three hours.

7. Pretend a thing isn't as inconvenient as it is. (like driving to the burbs during rush hour or schlepping outside your 10 block comfort zone.)

8. Coordinate undergarments for once - women only - Jesus, I think?

9. Kiss with tongue. (Seriously. Birthdays and special occasions only- after a few years.)

10. Project your best self and sell it like hell.

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