Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto Who? Shame on you!

Disturbing display #1:
I am at the gym yesteray morning. Busy pumping along on the elliptical machine trying to meet the expectations of the heavily accosted women of America to be below a size 4. "The View" gets broken up by a NEWS BRIEF on Benazir Bhutto's assassination. Bush appears before the camera in Crawford Texas. What happens next? 75% of the other women and men CHANGE THE CHANNEL! (each cardio machine has it's own tv) WHAT? The woman next to me puts on the Food network. People switch to VH1 or other surreality crap. You don't have to like Bush, you don't have to like news, but man....

Disturbing display #2: On Larry King Live last night, the news story cut from the live coverage to "Mischa Barton's 7 hour jail sentence" then back to: "More on the horrific unraveling of Pakistan in the wake of Bhutto's death" - Thank you CNN for sharing those two news reels. (I am being sarcastic.) (( It is sad I need to state that, but I do.)

Disturbing display #3: The media moguls are busy at work naming Pakistan: "Terror Central". Late last night I predicted it would be something like: "Pakistan, RPG in hand" or "Pakistan-Terror land" or "Axis of Terror land". Can we just watch the news? Without a catchy-commercialized label and well-designed graphic?

I get it. Most Americans don't generally follow Pakistani news, but this is WORLD news. This was the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim country. Was she perfect? No. Was she corrupt?...She was a leader in a third-world country. Get real here. Bottom line, I, like so many others don't know much about her, or the situation.

I am not saying you have to understand all the after-shock effects (I dont), or even the future implications of what this means to America, to you, to your families. (Because it does). I am just suggesting maybe you TUNE IN and acquire an opinion for yourself. Let me propose a few questions to ponder...

1.) Where will the 50 billion (or so) of funds the US provides to Pakistan go? Will it go? Who will manage that?
2.) Who is this Musharraf guy? What does he stand for? Or better...with whom?
3.) Who might have planned this? If it was more than a random isolated suicide bomber, is it the first step of some multi-level plan?
4.) What is the PPP?

Just asking. I wont spout a political stance. I don't know enough. I know that. But it doesn't mean I wont pay attention...

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Ethan said...

Disturbing commentary on American society in genral..addendum/appendix 3a.......

In agreement with your disgust of the lack in interest in Bhutto's assasination, I want to throw in my rant about Americans general lack of interst in anything that is actully interesting. I was in multiple airports last week due to being a cheap bastard and getting holiday flights with as many connections possible, saving myself approximately $14, and there was one consistant theme throughout every terminal. Entertainment magazines. This is why we are a society getting flushed down the tubes, our interests are so far off course. Is it really important what Lindsay Lohan did outside a nightclub? Wow, Brittnay is pregnant again? This is what is important? Most Americans probably cant locate Iraq on a map, but know the names of all 16 Pitt-Jolie adoptees. I am a cordial person, very friendly, but if someone ever asks me to help them with an US crossword puzzle again because they are struggling with 14-down, there is a fair chance I will punch them in the face.