Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let the record show...My 2008 Intention:

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool. " - Lester Bangs in Almost Famous

Too much time is spent trying to say the perfect thing. Create the perfect golden moment in fade-away fashion. Too much energy lost thinking up the grand gesture. To seem in control, to appear as though every talent came with little effort and lots of hard work. The fact of it all is this:

It is hard work for some, easy for others. There are people who live by love, and those who love to live without it. There will be entire unintentional moments that gleem with perfection, without any premeditated plan to do so. There will be total failures that blow ego and its by-products into oblivion. For some letting go is a snap decision like choosing Thai for dinner, instead of Lasagna. For others it takes years, decades to put a shoulder-chip down.

Life is finite. It is here and we are so busy trying to seem whatever the unnamed emotion of the day is (Grateful. Loving. Successful. Mysterious.) that we lose complete sight of the very priorities we actually place value on.

The present can be so wasted on the next "get". The little things that string us together as the big thing is what makes the entire sequence worthy of both honor and some sense of redemption.
I make no sense most of the time. Most of my present is spent counting down something, or looking for the next elusive muddy pot hole to trip through. Just so I can say: "Ah-Ha! I knew you were there!"

The simplest observation I have made this year is that I can obsess about the holes, and valleys, and pain to come, but it wont stop it from coming. In fact, I have categorical evidence showing that thoughts can serve as a giant magnet. Vibrating and pulling the exact manifestations we work so hard to avoid...right to us.

I detest the idea of listing things to change due to a mere numerical increase on a calendar. I think positive change should be a constant seeking goal.

So instead of some quirky cute list naming things I wont change, or will not resolve to do, I will say this: If my magnet is going to be pulling anything next year...I'd rather take that power to pull something nice. Something sunny. Something a little less heavy.

In the spirit of cosmic reciprocation. I am pulling for good.

(cue music) "Ive seen all good people: Your Move" - Yes
Who doesnt love a good recorder/flute thingy and a good round in a rock song?!

Be Cool. Be Uncool. Just be Positive.

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