Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bill Murray answers Tiger Beat?

(photo by Mark Seliger)

I watched "Lost in Translation" for the 2o+ time today. It moves me every time.Some people watch it and say: "I dont get it?" and that's fine. Im just not one of them.

I savor every frame, every subtle use of a pinky finger taping her foot. I laugh out loud at the perfectly crafted awkward silences. I nod at the jabs made to people's self-serving shameless attempts at "cool." It's sneaky. Even after more than two dozen times, I still feel the heartbreak of loneliness between them when they connect and disconnect. Kindred Strangers....

I was reading a clever Q&A in "Movies Rock" where they asked Bill Murray the same questions Tiger Beat asked the Monkees in 1967. A few of my favorites:

TB Question: What word in the English language do you wish you had invented?
BM: "Blubber."

TB Question: What animal best describes the kind of girl you'd be interested in?
BM: "Wounded duck."

TB Question: If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
BM: "Bill Murphy"

TB Question: What is the main fault in your character?
BM: "Caring about others."

TB Question: If you met the right girl, would you propose to her tomorrow?
BM: "I met her twice, pal."

TB Question: Why do you think most girls date you?
BM: "Morbid curiosity."

TB Question: Happiness is a thing called..
BM: "Freedom."

I think he just made my top 3. ( for today)


Anonymous said...

I loved the pix that went along with the Tiger Beat questions.....Bill Murray with a handkerchief around his neck.....

Lulu said...

Done and done,"Anonymous". He's in the top three.(still)