Sunday, December 9, 2007

If you can get em' you can bed em'

My husband and I have a running list that we update whenever necessary. The way it works is this: You can pick three A-level celebrities. Should the occasion arise (NEVER), you could sleep with them. No questions asked. The reason this is funny?We actually keep updating each case.

MINE: ( as of this very nanosecond)
1.) Hank Moody - aka. David Duchovny
2.) Tom Brady ( recent rise from top 10) - Giselle looks like a goofy gazelle. Whatever.
3.) Bill Murray - On a good day, I might pull this off.

"Also ran's" include:
- George Clooney
- McSteamy or McDreamy
- House (aka Hugh Laurie)
- Hugh Grant

...I know I see the pattern. ( So what.)

His list:
1.) Angelina Jolie ( b/c you get the whole spectrum: fear, stress, passion..etc)
2.) Scarlett Johansson
3.) Eva Longoria

"Also ran's" includes:
- Jessica Biel
- Jessica Alba
- Charlize Theron
- Halle Berry

Think fast. Whose on your list?

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Marcus said...

Subject to change at any given instigation, commercial, or magazine cover passing-by (the new Marie Claire with Christina Aguilera as case in point...airbrushed preggers women are hot):

!. Reese Witherspoon
2. Rachel McAdams
3. Mandy Moore