Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cinnamon Girl

My color: Beaming cinnamon red.
My smell: Woodsy tones with fresh breezes of peony flowers.

Interesting.... "Cinnamon Girl" - I am both the literal color of it, and the mood color associated. Cinnamon is BROWN, not RED. Weird that we (read:I) think: "red" ?

I was listening to Neil Young today (obviously). I pondered his voice. How weathered and seasoned it is, how he seems to have a contemplative whine. He seems to care so much, yet detach from the outcome of it all. Now, portrayed or real, that is awe-worthy.

I noticed his music makes me feel such different things:
Note: I am not speaking lyrically so much as I am merely knee-jerk reacting to the sound of it. Like word association, but song-association.

"Harvest Moon" - Old love that waits. Patiently and delivers like a story-book ending of two people walking over a hill at sunset with the wind lightly blowing.

"Helpless" - African babies swatting flies from their mouths. ( wow. I live a charmed life) -Now I feel guilty.

"Only Love can break your heart" - Two old people (mid-80's) doing a four-point Texas two-step/waltz very slowly and then speeding up...then slowly again, in a 1920's kitchen with very stoic faces.

"Southern Man" - Some dude working hard in a blue collar job and then getting on his Harley. He has a handle-bar mustache and the wind is blowing his whiskers and long hair in the wind as he rides...angry.

"Needle and the Damage Done" - Sad. Trainspotting. pointless loss of life.

"Cinnamon Girl"- If I ever decided to practice pole dancing....I would try it to this song.

"Old man"- How much I dont know, how much I have to learn. How great it must feel to think: "Ive been first and last" living a life, and looking back must be so rewarding.

I have to ask myself (per my exercise of the day): IS this CHANGING anything in a positive way? Does my useless rambling on about Neil Young make me or you better? Does it help my writing career?

Not sure how long this "Why do I do it" will last...

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