Friday, December 7, 2007

Ever notice?

1.) Ever notice when you are at a stop light, and the person driving the car making a LEFT turn from the perpendicular road stares you right in the eyes? And holds your stare? It's a strange moment.
For fun: Lift your eyebrows as if to recognize them and smile hugely. See if they look at you in the rear view mirror. I giggle just thinking about all the times Ive done it.

2.) Ever notice how when you open the door for the little old lady, an entire brood of people take advantage of your polite gesture and walk through. But they nip it by saying: "Thank you." The rule on that is what? 4 people, then its rude.
For fun: Say: "no, no, thank you." Smile.

3.) Ever notice the person that gets right up on your back when standing in line, and literally keeps inching forward even though NO ONE else is?
For fun: Say: "You could hop on my back if you think it will make you feel closer to the front?" Smile.

4.) Ever notice that guy on his blackberry who bumps directly into you on the crowded street at full throttle walking pace?
For fun: "Say: You're a dick. That's what it says." Smile.

....(clap) See you out there!

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