Saturday, December 1, 2007

Great (recent ) movies for a snowy day:

"Little Miss Sunshine" - If the last scene of this movie doesn't move you and make you smile, I don't care to know you. Seriously. Get gone.

"Waitress" - Ne0-chick flick that delivers far more than the average drone-like writing of "The Holiday" or other meatless boy-meets-girl story lines.

"Once" - I can't sum it up. Saw it twice (in theatres). Music. Pain. Friendship. Dublin. Smiley Irish Dad. Piano. Big inflated heart for weeks.

"Dan-in-real-life"- The first scene alone, makes it worth the time. Then the talent show makes the mediocre remake of "My love" acceptable.

"Stranger than Fiction"- Love it. Chicago, guitar, Maggie Gyllanhal is fantastically luminous and intriguing. Best quote: "I didnt really think past 'I want you'."

"Conversations with other women"-I loved this movie last winter, now I really love it ( having seen ((and smelt))Aaron Eckhart in London)...I want to nose-nuzzle his chin-dimple. Split screen. Past demons. New feelings. Nice movie. So honest, and grimy, and sweet for being real.

"Rescue Dawn" - Um. Not uplifting until the end, but the man's true-story of struggle and triumph reiterates the thoughts we all want to believe. Anything is possible, if you believe you can do it, and never give up.

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