Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm getting old!

5 Signs I'm getting older:

1.) Playing Guitar Hero III makes me feel dirty and shameful. (only because of the outfits the girls are wearing, and it is always too loud).

2.) When I am working out at the gym and all the college girls are back from school... I look at them, and instead of asking myself: "Does my butt still look like that?" I think: "I wonder if she babysits?"

3.) My favorite gift this year was a "Clairsonic Skin system"!

4.) A "Good" New Year's eve would be at home with good friends, good wine and plenty of sleep to greet 2008 with a smile.

5.) The blockbuster I watched this Christmas Day, was "Potty Time!"...and I have watched it about 7 times since.

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