Thursday, December 13, 2007

No bust. Pretending to work tips.

10 Things you can do to appear busy while Holiday shopping at work:

1.) Say a random number under your breath and shuffle through papers. "Two hundred...and...thirty eight. Cool. Where is that invoiceee?....."

2.) Make a grimace or confused face at your computer screen. Even if it IS your hotmail in box. Shake your head and curl your lip for added plausibility.

3.) Deep breathe as if annoyed.

4.) Ask someone near by a random question about a project/deadline you think might sound pertinent. "Chris? Did you get that Creative brief from the agency?" Ignore his "WTF?" face and act like your question is relevant.

5.) Get up swiftly and walk to the printer. (or print a random paper at your desk) Hum or sing like you are as busy as a Snow White drawf. "Hi hoo...Hi hoo.."

6.) Say some one's name out loud with disdain, while looking at your computer. "Seriously, Michelle? Geez..."

7.) Pick up your phone and answer: "This is Lulu? Yes. Hi. I just got it...I know. I know. Well...I've been working on it for an hour now." (Caution: this can backfire if your phone isn't on vibrate.)

8.) Grab a pen and start circling things and making notes on paper you have at your desk. Do it hurried and nervously, so it looks like you HAVE to get the specific urgent fact out.

9.) Always have a spreadsheet or industry specific document open behind whatever you are doing(online). Close Internet short cut is: "CTRL + W"

10.) Lean in to your computer ( hunch a little) and squint your eyes as if to look closer.

That's fine. You can look aghast.....but ... You know it. YOU do it.

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