Thursday, December 20, 2007

Um...Top 3 update.

Oh the polarized priority of my blog posts!

My color today: Light purple pleading to be bright light purple.
My smell: Anything NOT gingerbread, pine needles, or cinnamon. ( maybe vanilla bean)

Top 3 as of today:

1.) Tom Brady - On record for perfection. My kind of man. Seriously, show me a woman that doesn't appreciate those long, tight, muscular thighs in manly-tights?

2.) Danny Archer- Leo DiCaprio's character in "Blood Diamond" .I love a good-hearted, cynical man in crisis. Add the SA accent?! I am putty. True anything-you-want-putty.

3.) Hank Moody aka. David Duchovny- The filthy-mouthed-sardonic-super-writer-slut.

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