Thursday, December 20, 2007

Media panders to the "Dumb factor"

I think if there were a line to cross between slightly filtering news with little small-thinking side bars, and gross assumption that we are stupid, Its been catapulted over!

I was watching the NBC news two days ago, and the anchor said: "British troops hand over power to the northen territory of Iraq. This momentous day was met with celebration and parade" A small video box appeared in the left hand corner of marching soldiers, and cheering women in full Islamic garb. (no guns in the air, or burning flags this time. Phew).

The clip ran for about....twenty seconds. The anchor shuffled some papers and said something like: "In other news...Is that glass of wine helpful or hurtful?" Who lined that up?! I paid attention for a second, thought about how my daily wine intake has increased, and how I am gaining weight and maybe it's from the wine. (record scratch) WHO FECKING CARES? DID ENGLAND JUST PULL OUT OF WAR IN IRAQ? I don't know? The news isn't saying? What? I jumped on my computer and found headlines. "British Hands over Basra to Iraq Control" I find several more online articles, and fulfill my obsessive need to be informed.

Here's my problem. (Yes, Im assuming you care) There are plenty American people ( I live in a town full of them) that are educated, concerned and raising their children. I can almost bet my yearly fuel budget, that they were watching this, and it was passed over as quickly as you can say: "Jamie Lynn is pregnant?!" How does this happen? If we don't demand real news, we wont get it.

That, to me, Is not only reason enough for the world to shake their head with disdain, but it is down-right scary. I'm the first to admit it: I am good at looking away, obsessing about other people's (not so really bad) problems. It makes me feel better about myself to look at Britney or sensationlize toy recalls, and obesity, and minor medical snippets that have quotable statistics.

Pay attention people. It may not change your immediate world. You may not realize that our dependence on oil IS affecting you. Our wars, presidents,SUV's, diapers, plastic bags, use of electricity, lack of interest in anything non-American is going to create the world in which our precious children will be stuck with. It is proving to be far less romantic than the idea we cling to as "The Great American Dream."

Take a minute to think about what YOU are talking about. Maybe you can broaden the scope a little? Even if its uncomfortable, even if it scares you. Put down the People Magazine and humor your children, your friends, your parents, your about something that actually will matter 20 years from now. We owe it to ourselves.

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