Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 SAG Award Sum up.... Winners: The year of incoherent speeches.

I was so excited to see Actors at an award show. The dresses, the red carpet, the un-rehearsed moments....But there are two things that stuck out: 1.) Hollywood as I knew it is getting older (not a bad thing) but I didn't notice until last night. and 2.) They need to practice speeches more.

Lets start with the results:
Outstanding Perf. by a Male Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day Lewis - There will be Blood.
Outstanding Perf. by a Female Actor in a Leading Role: Julie Christie - Away from Her
Outstanding Perf. by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries- Queen Latifa

Outstanding a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries- Kevin Kline
Outstanding Perf. by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Javier Bardem- No Country for Old Men.
Outstanding a Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Ruby Dee- American Gangster
Outstanding Perf. by a Male/Female Actor in a Drama Series:Edie Falco, James Gandolfini
Outstanding Perf. by a Male/Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Tiny Fey, Alec Baldwin
Outstanding Perf. by an Ensemble in a Drama Series: "The Sopranos"
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: "The Office"

So..Let's talk about the whacky shite that went list form :
1. What the FECK happened when Micky Rooney said that there was a "TIE" for Female in a mini-series?! There wasn't a tie. I am still trying to wrap my head around that. People are getting old.

2. Why do I always get Micky Rourke and Mickey Rooney mixed up? (I'm too young)

3. How old is Tom Selleck? Why does he seem so incapacitated? I'm not joking, Is he ok? There is no way that is what 60 looks like? I'm concerned. OKAY CORRECTION: It was Burt Reynolds. Damnit. I KNEW that. Like Mickey Rourke and Mickey Rooney....Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds. (head hung in shame)

4. Is James Gandolfini just uncomfortable with crowds? or does he hate everyone? I couldnt tell if I should applaud his humilty or push a button to cause a forced blackout screen on him for his lack of gratitude. Things that make you say "Hmm?"

5. Ruby Dee was talking about her book? and laying names out there at panic random. Old. Tilda Swinton got robbed, Cate too. They at least played a role for more than 5 lines!

6. YEAH for The Office! I miss them. I miss Dwight and Michael and Pam...

7. Angelina Jolie is preggers ( maybe twins!)

8. Is it me, or did Tom Cruise seem so nervously angry and suspecting. I used to love him. He freaks me out.

9. Charles Durning's speech was sweet, funny and charming. Especially his openly nonchalant closing: "See you later." It felt so familiar and human. That's always nice.

10. How is it that the best speech came from Javier Bardem, and English is his second language?

I take nothing away from how incredible some of these Actors are at ACTING, but man is it clear, people need writers... It's fun. They make millions, they can take a little criticism on their inability to speak spontaneously under enormous pressure. If I got paid millions of dollars to work for 4 months, Id make it a priority to speak well in the very least of my improvements.

Oh poo poo on you too! I am merely saying what YOU thought. I love them all. I jest. Take a joke. I will be old and bumbling too. Hell, I bumble now.


Anonymous said...

LMAO...You are such a youngster! Tom Selleck didn't even attend the SAG awards. Are you maybe thinking of Burt Reynolds? (They both have muchtaches ya know!) Burt is in his 70's and he presented the Lifetime achievement award at the SAG's.

Lulu said...

You are clearly young enough to know what "LMAO" means! Thanks for the correction. Duely noted. I had a creepy notion I was wrong there. So who was in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" and all those racing movies?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not that young, but I do have a 13 old with a MySpace! She keeps me young. She show's me all her cute little posts...Anyway, you're cool. Actually, I thought Burt looked kinda bad. What was with that velvet suit?? (It was Burt who did the Racing and Whorehouse movies. Selleck did Magnum PI.)

And I agree with you...what was with Mickey Rooney? He kept talking about a tie? Huh? I'm not sure he even knew were he was last night. I think he thought he was getting an award. That was sad.

CML's Aunt said...

I don't know what LMAO means! But I will give you some scoop here!

1. Mickey Rooney (from Black Stallion, and Bill- remember those?) has always boasted about himself. In fact in his day he used to refer to himself as "The Mick" so in addition to being old, he is totally arrogant. Call it a Napoleanic complex.

2. Remeber Burt played football at FSU on scholarship,perhaps he is just a little more beat up than some of the other aging fellows in the biz! Always remember Tom played Monica's bfriend on Friends. He must be younger, definitely hotter!

3. James is an arse! I know people that have worked with him directly and he is just not a friendly dude. I must say his new little wifey makes him appear to have a softer side.

4.Ruby Dee was talking about her late husband Ossie Davis. They were a dynamic duo of sorts. Old and rambling yes, but it sort of reminded me of the way George Burns used to talk about Gracie. Only a little less coherent last night I guess.

5. Tom Cruise needs his own planet.

6. Charles Durning! Adorable.

Maybe you should update your old post..."you know you're gettng old when". Seriously you are right about the aging of Hollywood! Although I do respect them a ton more than the 2 year olds that are wreaking havoc these days! Enough already. Just think Brad Pitt will be old one day too. I guess some of these peeps are just hoping they don't have to continue making their living in movies like in Young at Heart! WRITERS PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!!!

Lulu said...

....and CML's Aunt needs a blog address of her own. COMING SOON to a work screen near you.

Anonymous said...

Never saw the show as I am at the end of the world. Still want to add--- 1) GANDOLFINI

2) And people, people-----------------these are people!!!!!!

Lulu said...

1.) Fixed. Thank you.
2.)You are right...these are people----------who have traded their privacy for fame, and make the conscious decision everyday to act before other people for money,praise,craft and recognition.I am the first to admit...I would be in the bathroom getting sick and botching speeches with that pressure...and YOU would have the right to comment on that too.