Monday, January 28, 2008

Strange observations that were made today:

1. A co-worker saw the hot pink/red elastic band around my wrist (I stole my daughters ponytail) and said: "Is that your Kaballah band?"

2. The little scroller on the mouse feels very much like a female part that will remain unnamed.

3. (that said...)I think everyone deserves to have a song with THEIR name in it played while their ex-lover is getting intimate with their new lover. Imagine if your name was "Layla" and right as your ex was peeling some panties down a woman's legs it piped out of the radio: "What are you doin' when your lonely?/No one waiting by your side/Like a fool, I fell in love with you/(blah, blah)... Layyyyyyla." Perfect. I wonder if that has ever happened to George Harrison?

4. I have a strange and unvalidated respect for women who drink Whiskey.

5. How obscure is TOO obscure when it comes to music tastes? I love High Fidelity, but do people even appreciate your knowledge at that point?

6. I think Christian Bale should be on my Top 3 now.

7. Men don't need nipples.

8. Love really does get easier to forget over time.

9. The lead singer of Counting Crows is not pleasant to watch sing. Either is Meatloaf, or Maroon 5 ( he is a petite man). It shouldn't factor in, but it does. Lyle Lovett...I could listen to him all day and night, but doesn't mean I want to look at him sweat.

10. 6 days until Tom Brady flexes his perfect arse around and beats down the Giants.

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CML's Aunt said...

# 10! WATCH IT SISTA!!!!!