Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Idol - Jan 29, 2008

I could have watched CNN broadcasts like I have been for the past countless nights. I could have played scrabble, spent more time understanding the signals of today's consumer-led recession, studied grammatical prudence, or read "Save the Cat goes to the movies" but I didn't. I watched American Idol. I'm debating on who will be my crush for the AI season.

I am slowly but surely enjoying Ryan Seacreast. It is a strange attraction. He seems so little, but I want him in that you're-cute-and-I'm-familiar-with-you-now-so-let's-do-it kind of way. Jokes and fast wit (even when cheesy) really can butter me up.

Simon and his v-necks are killing me. If he hung his sunglasses on that sweater, they would be dangling past his dangle-parts. Its unbelievable, but I still want to smell his neck, and have him say dirty things to me. Okay. I have digressed deux times...

Observations and Predictions from AI-1/29 ( there weren't really any great quotes)

-Sarah Whitaker still has her toddler teeth.
-Samantha Sidly sounds amazing and I predict she will be in top 10. Little girl, big voice.
-Johnny Escamilla makes me want to lash myself for laughing at his hair. Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.
-Leo Marlow -future Top 20. Once he drops the vest. Hip Hip hooray for outta-the-closet boys from small towns in Iowa!

Off you go.

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