Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 thoughtful ways to a smiling face today.

1. Be Grateful: Take stock right now of 3 things you get to be wasteful of that people elsewhere don't. Maybe you poured an entire bottle of "smart water" into the sink, because it was "old". Maybe you have a healthy beautiful child that thinks you are the world. Maybe YOU are well and capable of walking, talking, cartwheeling and you forget to notice that some people can't. Maybe you woke up today, and had no particular stressors. Yeah! Be grateful.

2. Practice Perspective: Whatever particular strain of "demon" or negative inner rhetoric is banging down your self-esteem or obstructing your view, try and pull back and look at the whole picture. Is this going to mean anything to you in six months? in six days? It's very easy to get caught in the problems of right now, but better to keep things where they belong, in perspective to the bigger picture of our lives. Does what he/she thinks change anything?

3. Roll and Bounce: There are so many things we cannot control....and most of the time we are running like mad on the hamster wheel to change the direction of things. If you get handed a blow at work, bounce back. It happened, you cant change it. Move on. If a lover or friend needs you at an inconvenient time, or worse, leaves you...roll with it. Being rigid, and the inability to bend with the constant sway of change can brake you. Understand that your value is in your core, and your capacity to evolve with all the things around you that are inevitably going to change makes YOU better.

4. Give Oil to Silent Wheels: I think it's sad that the "squeaky wheel gets the oil". Life shouldn't work that way, but it does. Make it a personal mission to love and appreciate the people in your life that need MINIMAL attention and codling. We tend to take t hem for granted, some times we are flat out mean to the one's we love the most out of pure comfort level. Snap out of it. Love them FIRST, and hardest, with all you have. The rewards and reciprocation are two-fold, because there is no over-extension in the first place. Pay attention to who they are. Notice how little they appear to need, and give them the best you've got.

5. Reclaim your time: We spend so much of our days over-planned and busy, or aggressively staking our "down time" by vegging out in front of the TV or sleeping. Try setting a goal of taking ten minutes out of everyday to have focused meditation time for yourself. Maybe its a quiet walk where you replay your day, and think of positive things you are grateful for. Maybe you think of five people you want to send happy thoughts to, whatever it is. Be conscious, be aware, be positive. You will no doubt, feel better for having taken the time to marinate in your thoughts, yourself, and your intentions.

Yeah, you want to roll your eyes..S'ok. Hey, I'm just psyched we are almost done with January. Tom Brady is going to be in my living room on Sunday, M&M's are going to be pink and red next week, the sun is out, I haven't heard about Britney Spears in awhile..things are on the up.

It's the little things...Get easy to please or get gone.

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AMEN honey!