Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ira and Abby Quotes - Loved it!

This little Magnolia film made me smile and giggle in the first two minutes. It stars Chris Messina and Jennifer Westfeldt. It's openly desperate and apathetically sprinkled with self-awareness and the hope to be better. Shot in modern day Manhattan, two people find common ground and fly with the connectivity. Candid, unabashed confessions lead to a strange sense of security.

Who has this NOT happened to ( well sans the marriage, meeting parents thing). But in a small vacuum of time, you find a person who gets you, finishes your sentences and allows your guard to drop like boobies after babies. An urban version of "Before sunrise" with today's neurosis and eager enlightenment. Maybe it says something about me, but this movie was more realistic than 27 dresses. (except that everyone runs into everyone in a city of 8M people).

This movie might be a cinematic portrayal of the downside to "living in the moment". Cynasim has it's place, but it gets put in it's place too. I love it. Its duplicity, its human. Its sad and funny and real. In one breath I think: Why do we couple off again? I need some compelling reasons here, and in the next, I think anything other than love and human behavior wouldnt be worth being part of. Go get it.

Funny quotes:

Receptionist at the gym: I feel like guys don't listen to me now that I'm thin.

Ira: I have a fear of perishables, you know, pets, dairy products, produce anything that dies I don't tend to, ugh....not for me.

Abby: I Oh um...I was just hoping we could have sex everyday. You know, like no matter what, even if we're exhausted or one of us has the flu, or a rash, or you know, guests staying with us, like a pact. Would that be OK with you?
Ira: Yeah, that would be....uh.....YES.

Abby: Gypsy cabs are cabs too
Ira: Yeah, if you wanna die, they don't have meters, or a licence, you could end up in an alley..

Ira: I'm Sorry
Leah ( Ira's ex) : What about the break up message? or about the marrying someone else, after convincing me to stay with you 4 times this year alone, cause you needed time to figure things out, or are you sorry about the...what was it?....intermittent erectile dysfunction? or the countless dinners with your parents, or you know what....don't say anything...cause I should be thanking you.

Abby: You know, who are you supposed to believe? A book or just what feels right?
Ira: Doctor, tell her we can't go around, you now, just feeling good all the time, its just not...(flopping hands)...done.

Ira to therapist: I hate the way you get totally reasonable in a crisis situation. I mean, do you see what Im dealing with here!?

Abby: There was trust stuff, and old stuff, and in the end I just wanted to be with you.

Ira: Maybe marriage is just a fad, with an unusally long lifespan....
Abby: Like bottled water
Ira: or man-sandals...

Great tunes in it:
Rilo Kiley - "portions for foxes" and "capturing moods"
The 88 - "It's all cause of you"
Burnside Project: "One to One"

This movie is morally flexible (Big frown, and pointy finger) but it finds a way to be sweet and sincere about how obnoxious we have gotten. It shows our inabiblity to accept a good thing when it comes "too easy". If life throws you sunshine, don't question it, don't over-analyze. Just sit back, let the tingle of a good-burn take over, and soak it in.

"Good things" rarely last, but waiting for it to stop doesn't make you better, it just makes you someone who didnt enjoy a good thing...


valeria (: said...

this is amazing :)
i love that movie!!.

eka said...

i like this movie too
my fav.quote, i forgot the exactly word;
we don't have guaratee that someone will love you forever or never meet somebody else better than us