Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol round up - Jan 30th 2008

Okay, I have waffled tonight, on putting anything up here for two reasons:

1.) I am so racked with shame for watching this portion of the show. (I love the actual contest, but this part is such a brutal waste of my time, energy, attention and I actually end up walking out of the room with embarrassment FOR the contestents.)

2.) the general footage of "losers" is so bad, they seem so entitled, and so delluded that I actually get frustrated with an entire generation instead of just these few that were edited to illicit that precise reaction.

I did laugh when Simon said to Shannon McGough: "So, you handle meat."
I did laugh when Randy couldnt stop giggling like Beavis when Richard Valles was singing Rascal Flatts. - and on that note: Did Richard sing: "I wipe my brown?" - cool.
I did laugh when a little birdy in my living room said: "I know Im going to be on a business trip one day and see that chick (Julie Dubela) on porn." - Sweet. Now I know what "business trips" are for.

My hopefuls from January 30:
Robbie Carrico or as I will call him: "Skid-row surfer dude guy"
Natasha Blach - because she killed an Etta James song. ("At Last")

In other news, and in a completley deplorable attempt to redeem some semblance of an educated, interested citizen of humanity...John Edwards has bowed out, Rudy Giuliani bowed out, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is endorsing Mcain.

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