Friday, January 18, 2008

3 things you should NOT do this weekend.

1. Watch Mr. Woodcock - Seriously, It hurt to watch, dialogue was lame and predictable. I can't figure out what makes Billy Bob Thorton so "pretty"? Is it his lips? Someone ask Susan Sarandon to fire her agent. I would rather watch Wonder Pets, or Pinky Dinky doo than see a second more of that movie again....and I love overly goofy, in your face comedies about old wounds, bad teachers and awkward karma. Don't see it.

2. Pretend you know what "quid pro quo" means- If you say it, understand it. I will give you a nickle of knowledge here, feel free to through back three cents. It is a legal term that is loosely used as slang, but it means when one thing is exchanged for another( usually when the worth of one of those items is in question). A favor for another, a give and take of relative equality. How many times have you misused it? Hm. Me too. You keep the whole half-dime.

3.Believe the schlong-tent in the first 3 minutes of Dane Cook's movie Good Luck Chuck. - I wont name name's, and I wont say anything about his left angle-hook, but although it encouraged goofy-inhale laughs from men in the room, it was a little self-gratiutious. Needless to say, fabricated. ( literally)

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