Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to work Buzzzzzzzz

Here's the game. Count how many corporate buzz words are in my "Hot points for 2008" get it right, then today begins the most prosperous year of corporate culture for you!

Hot points for 2008:
My wish for 2008 is to bring in a value-added idea that clings to the bleeding edge. I want to materialize and operationalize it with synergies that completely mitigate the possibility of failure. This year, I am going to co-ski the mommy-track and use my results-driven core-competencies of being a self-starter and a mean multi-tasker.

My ambition for the new year will have zero-drag. After all, a true plug and play strategy is future-proof. I might even try to reverbiagize my book career, maybe write about my revolving door past bedroom. People love a scandal. My past poor risk-management, can be future comical storytelling. I will take some of these topics offline and get them in the same space as the present silver bullets.

Once I get on the same page of everyone thinking outside of the box, I can streamline this shite, and have bandwidth to spare. This year, no more blame-storms, or finger-pointing, no.... I will put in the face time, use my paradigm shift from last year to serve as a catalist. Look, in 2008, I am going to look for externalities of my current strategic initiatve and grab the low-hanging fruit.I'm going to nail this one on the head, be a proactive envisonieer of the sheeple and increase my joy-to-stuff ratio!

And...I'm spent. YEAH! BACK TO WORK!

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I count 40. Love - The Generally Unmentioned