Thursday, January 3, 2008

Double Entrendres at work:

Take a minute to mediate on these little gems. Find the right time, and then just plant them randomly throughout conversations in the work place. I do...

1.) "I think we need to get together and shake this one out."
2.) "Wow. You have a huge gap there."
3.) "Rick, show us how it's done."
4.) " I don't know if Sandy can handle that big of a load."
5.) "Lets get a huddle room and nail this."
6.) "Guys, we are trying to push an elephant through a mouse hole...this is nuts"
7.) "Gary, how quickly can you get that unloaded?"
8.)"Let me shoot at this from a different angle."
9.) "I was hoping Tom could give me some upward feedback."
10.) "Are you willing to take that into the board room and lay it on the table?"

1 comment:

Marcus said...

How about "Despite what some may falsely perceive as inherent shortcomings, I'm confident enough to take a hard stand in front of my peers".