Thursday, January 3, 2008

New discipline exercises for Adults:

- Next time the cashier at Einstein Bagels Bros. repeats your order incorrectly for the third time...Pull out a water-spray bottle and squirt him/her with rapid fire. Say nothing. Just make that squinted, pursed lip face.

-Next time an ex-lover pretends to NOT have any interest in your existence. Write a web-based e-card and blind copy everyone he knows. The letter should go as follows:
"Dear _______, Don't feel bad about last week. All men struggle (at some point) to not cry during sex. 4 inches is enough for me. See you soon, Mercedes."

-Next time your partner gropes you in public....Grab him/her by the chin, make direct and clear eye-contact and say: "NO. NO humping. NO. I said NO!"

-Next time someone arrives more than 15 minutes late to meet you. Don't rush to them, instead tell them you are going to "run out and do a few things before you will just take a sec." Since they were late, they can wait.

-Next time you receive a text or email with ZERO punctuation. Respond with every single punctuation possible. "What,.!?()&" or switch to "Arabic Mode" and text back with all kinds of unconstructed sentences and the word "Allah!"

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