Friday, January 11, 2008

Grey needs some 90's color.

This is the grey, wintery, dead-tree view from my home office. Sure, Elm trees are pretty, but when they are naked, they can bring through some frigid ice-vein type emotions.

First thing I think to do? Find some cheesy 90's music to lift my spirits. And the line up went like this. So Sit back, reminisce, make fun, laugh, don't matter....just don't bite it. ( sorry).

These songs came in no intellectual order. I'm merely laying down what got presented in this silly head of mine:

1. Londonbeat: "Ive been thinking about you" - Love this! Bob the head to the left. First line: "We must have been stone-crazy....thinkin' we were just friends." SHUUWAUUUBOOOWWW"

2. Marc Cohn: "Walking in Memphis" - Never could understand why, but this song is so chalk-full of needless details that make you feel like sitting back to hear the story. I'm warming up already.

3. New Radicals: "You get what you give" - This song makes anyone think of driving around a California beach sitting on the headrest of an old drop top....Or singing in a mall? Maybe.

4. Mr Big: "To be with you" - C'mmmmmmmmmmon? This is so filthy cheesy, hundreds of thousands of men pretended to hate it, but secretly sang in their cars on the way to school. I bet entire backseats of frat boys sang it in unison. Nice.

5. Silk: "Freak me" - This song speaks for itself. If you can sing it without laughing, well, that's your prerogative (another song to laugh at), but man, this song makes me smile.

I feel better. Don't you?

"SHUUWAUUUBOOOWWW...Do it again in falsetto!..."SHHUWAUBOOOWWW"

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