Monday, January 7, 2008

Gym Rant.

Alright, I know its January and all kinds of people of all kinds of shapes and sizes have resolutions and reasons behind them have come to the gym to sweat it out. Hats off, I applaud your attempt. But...


- I can't get a parking spot that takes less than 4 minutes to walk from. ( on ice)

- I have to WAIT for a woman who spends ten minutes looking at the treadmill screen, than quizzically at no one in particular, then gets annoyed at herself (and everybody else), and then she just walks on no specific setting, angry that she doesn't understand. THIS...plays itself out over and over every day of this month.

-People don't know the gym-etiquette so they are NOT wiping down equipment after sweating all over them ( if they sweat, which they don't, so not a big deal..I guess)

-I can't get a mat to save my life because every trainer is taking advantage of this exponential increase in their business and having them all use double mats and all the medicine balls.

-I have to hear about every woman's life because they join in TWOS and talk the ENTIRE time they are on the elliptical machines.

Can I just save everyone the suspense...and tell them only 5% of them will still be here come St. Patricks day? The only upside for me, is a new crop of men for the "healthy gym-crush".

I want to wear a t-shirt that says: "Resolutions are for sissies, real quitters know when to give up."

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