Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Tinker Happy-dust Sparkly day.

I have a tendency to rant. I like ranting, its amusing and funny. (even if only to myself) . It is important, however, to focus on the positive. It's even more necessary to recognize the presence of negative thoughts, and their by-products of satire and ill-will in jest, then set them free to fly into the dark, musty abyss. Now that I have done that, I will deem today the beginning of Monday Tinker Happy dust Sparkly days to come.

No matter what happens, the mundane or the grandiose, I think everyone should try and end their Monday with some Tinkle bell golden happy dust. Maybe you will fly, or sing, or laugh or forgive or spread general pleasantries for no reason.

Upon my completion of the proper distribution protocol, you are going to have a splendid remainder of the day. The lens with which you see everything will be filled with the crispness of a new mirror. See it the sunny way. Breath a little slower. Step a little lighter. Feel slightly more grounded. Love a little more passionately.

Monday Tinker Happy-dust Sparkly day.

( wiggle wiggle, shimmy hip-snap, smile) - You have been dusted.

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